Time Management: Hello, Productivity!

This past fall, my husband became quite angry with me because I was ALWAYS working, but getting NOTHING done! Sound familiar? He lovingly pointed out that I am not very efficient when cleaning; I bounce from room to room, never finishing anything I start. He noted that I was probably practicing these same habits with my work. I’ll admit, he was right! So I did some research on productivity and found a wealth of strategies. I began applying them to my life and realized that these tricks do in fact work!

So I wanted to start off the New Year by sharing my favorite productivity strategies with you!

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Teacher Spotlight: Jenn Hiles

Jenn and Jenna

Jen and her best friend of 15 years at her wedding this fall!
*Jen is in purple!*

Teacher Name: Jenn Hiles
Office Location: Harrisburg
Currently Teaching: Kindergarten

How do you build relationships with your students?
Before LiveLessons I have a short answer poll pod up that is a “question of the day” which is non-academic and just designed to be conversation starters such as “If you could have any superpower what would it be?” “What was your favorite vacation?” I turn on my webcam for every lesson to help be more than just a voice on the computer. I also encourage my students to use their webcams during lessons, this helps students feel more belonging to our class. I’ve also done two show and tell days which really showed off student personalities.

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2015 Jumpstart Series: Work It Wednesdays!

Work It Wednesdays

Calling All Presenters!

I love the fresh start a new year brings and am always looking for diverse ways to improve ALL aspects of my life {and I’m sure I’m not alone in trying to whittle down my waistline each year, right ladies?!}.

So I thought I’d seize the opportunity to offer a 2015 jumpstart series entitled Work It Wednesdays!

During my welcome calls, I asked everyone to identify their biggest strengths. Let me tell you, we have some STARS among us! If you’ve got it going on, I ask you to share your secrets with the rest of us! I’ll present the research and do all of the planning and preparation. You, my efficient, organized, creative friends, can simply show up and share what works for you! {Think daily schedule, call spreadsheet, etc.}

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50 Ways to Check for Understanding in the Virtual Classroom

Are you a chat pod offender?!

Do you rely on a single chat pod for student responses? Or do you frequently vary the student response methods? If the chat pod is your best friend, it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship; you are an offender!

Hey, don’t be too hard on yourself; it’s incredibly easy to fall into the habit of only using the chat pod, but I challenge you to think for a moment: is this the most effective method for every single question? For some, yes! For others, no.

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Teacher Spotlight: Stacy Garber


Teacher Name: Stacy Garber
Office Location: Harrisburg
Currently teaching: 8th Grade Gifted and Talented Social Studies

How do you build relationships with your students?
Building relationships with my students is very important to me. I do this by sharing facts about myself in LiveLessons, using my webcam, allowing students to share a talent they have with classmates before our lessons, fostering discussion, and being open and patient with students in all interactions.

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